This Matters Now Exhibition, January 2020

In February 2019, my Dad was involved in a horrible biking accident. Whilst riding to work one morning, at around 25mph, a car pulled across the front of him. My Dad flew over the car and hit the ground, hard. He always wore a Go Pro on his helmet and the footage was so shocking that you heard the crack of his helmet as it hit the tarmac.

He was rushed to hospital. Almost a month later, he returned suffering from double vision. The doctors found that he was suffering from a bilateral brain bleed. If he hadn't gone to the hospital, he would have been dead within two weeks.

In 2020 I participated in the This Matters Now Exhibition, held at the Borough Road Gallery. It featured a small collection of images centered around my Dad's recovery - showing a photo of his scars post operation immediately next to an image taken a couple of weeks before the exhibition opened to the public.

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